PVC Stabilisers

PolyBlend are the official distributer for the range of stabilisers manufactured by Valtris. Valtris are a Global Leader in Specialty Chemicals who produce a comprehensive offering of plastics additives and chemical intermediate products.

Our range of mixed metal salt and epoxy stabilisers provide excellent thermal stability for polymer protection during processing. We offer Calcium Zinc in liquid form and liquid Barium Zincs are available as self-lubricating and non-lubricating. For extreme temperatures we would recommend our range of Methyl Tin based stabiliser.

The stabiliser range offers excellent heat stability, low initial viscosity and viscosity control. Low VOCs, low phenol and SVHC free products are available for applications that require it.

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PVC Stablisers FAQ

What are PVC stabilisers?

There are two type of PVC stabiliser: heat and UV.

UV stabilisers are an additive which protect the plastic from sun and other UV light damage. Heat stabilisers provide protection from the heat generated and exposed through the process.

Why would you add a Stabiliser to a plastic?

Stabilisers are a required addition to plastic. Without a heat stabiliser, for example, the plastic would burn during the production process rendering it unusable.

What are heat stabilisers?

Heat stabilisers are additives designed to protect PVC from burning from the heat during the manufacturing process.

Is PVC heat sensitive?

Yes, PVC is heat sensitive. Heat breaks down the chemical bonds contained in PVC and releases hydrochloric acid which degrades PVC.

Why is PVC heat sensitive?

PVC is heat sensitive because the application of heat breaks down the chemical bonds and releases hydrochloric acid, which causes the degradation of PVC.


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