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5 Reasons to Use Plastisol For Your Geotextile Products

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. They are able to withstand many harsh weather conditions, are highly durable, and are able to soften a fall if someone falls over. Overall, these materials are referred to as geosynthetics and yield benefits in geotechnical and environmental engineering design.

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PB Protect – Antimicrobial PVC Plastisol

At Polyblend, responding to changing consumer demand is of high importance to us. That’s why we’ve recently partnered with Biomaster, the market leader in antimicrobial technology. This means that all of the plastics products we manufacture are now protected against harmful bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould for the lifetime of the end product.

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Supporting PVC Processors

Polyblend is ideally placed to service the needs of its customers in supplying polymer based materials and specialty chemicals to PVC processors based in the UK.

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Product & Service News

Why are PVC coated fabrics ideal during a pandemic?

Why are PVC coated fabrics ideal during a pandemic? With the current global pandemic showing no signs of letting up, it's important that we look to find long term solutions to protecting ourselves against the virus, among other harmful germs. This includes ensuring...

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Corona Virus – Business Continuity Announcement

As the UK is going into a new 4-week lockdown which is scheduled to start on Thursday 5th November 2020 through until 2nd December 2020, PolyBlend would like to announce that its manufacturing site will remain open for business to serve our customer’s requirements during this demanding period.

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Blowing Agent Dispersion

Blowing agents are chemical materials, which decompose by heat and mechanical stress to produce blowing gases for dispersion, which can be trapped within the polymer melt, creating a cellular or foamed structure. By forming this structure, the initial benefit created is a reduction in specific gravity, i.e. weight

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Sustainability News

Sustainable Technologies and Plastics

Plastics are frequently demonised- however, future sustainable technologies may well depend on plastics. In the future, many technologies central to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels will depend on plastics. Wind turbine blades require plastic composites and...

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Plastics and Sustainability

In order for a product or material to be truly described as sustainable it must be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. These aspects have become known as the Three Pillars of Sustainability. Plastics make a positive contribution to all three...

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“Having worked with Polyblend for over a decade, we are still as impressed with the quality of the product and authentic service the company provides, as we were on Day 1...”


"As the Operation Director of a specialist flooring manufacturer who provide Contamination Control solutions to a wide range of industries, Polyblend UK Ltd have become a valued partner within our business. I would fully recommend them as a company who adds confidence and true value to our business."

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