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Everything you need to know about PVC

One of the most popular polymers in the world, the chances are you've used PVC without even realising.  Due to its versatile nature, PVC is used extensively across a broad range of industrial, technical, and everyday applications. including widespread use in building,...

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The Power Of Plastisol

  For those unfamiliar with the name Plastisol, the chances are you've used it - or at least a product that is made from it. From textiles printing to flooring to plumbing and electrical fittings, there's not much we don't rely on Plastisol for anymore.  In...

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Product & Service News

Colour Management

Colour management is what gives brands and customers the confidence required for efficient and timely production. However, we must be always mindful that 'it's the eye that buys'.  Colour inaccuracy, particularly for brands and businesses, can be detrimental, as it's...

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What sets plastisol apart?

Plastisol is considered a thermoplastic liquid polymer. When it is heated to the correct temperature in an oven or through an oven bank, the components of plastisol fuse together to form a flexible, PVC solid that is quite durable. Used in a wide array of settings,...

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Sustainability News

Introducing our waste hierarchy at Polyblend!

At PolyBlend, we want all of our operations to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we possibly can. That's why we use a landfill avoidance process to ensure that all of our general waste produced is either recycled internally or externally. Any waste...

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“Having worked with Polyblend for over a decade, we are still as impressed with the quality of the product and authentic service the company provides, as we were on Day 1...”


"As the Operation Director of a specialist flooring manufacturer who provide Contamination Control solutions to a wide range of industries, Polyblend UK Ltd have become a valued partner within our business. I would fully recommend them as a company who adds confidence and true value to our business."

Specialist Flooring Manufacturer

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