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Having extensive mixing and blending capabilities within our manufacturing business we are able to offer a range of dispersions.
Our dispersions fall into Three categories which include FR dispersions, Colour dispersions and Blowing Agent dispersions.
These materials are normally blended with plasticisers to a give you the viscosity specifications that you require.

Colour Dispersions

Our Pigment Dispersions are blended with a pvc compatible plasticiser and our colour specialists are able to match virtually any colour whether it be standard or bespoke.

Our colour Spectrometer enables us to match to both RAL and Pantone standards.

Fire Retardants

The majority of our FR dispersions are based on either Antimony Trioxide or ATH and Zinc Borate. These are mixed with a plasticiser carrier to a given viscosity specification.


Blowing Agent Dispersions

Due to the explosive nature of Blowing Agents we produce these dispersions in a zoned area.

As with our other dispersions we blend the Azo powder with plasticisers to create the mixture using both C1 or C2 particle sizes as well as activated grades which include a Zinc coating. We also supply non-AZO Blowing Agents based on bicarbonate technologies.

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