PB-Protect Antimicrobial PVC Plastisol

Polyblend has launched an antimicrobial PVC plastisol which offers valuable protection for polymer solutions. The specialist range of PVC plastisol’s named PB-Protect, provides excellent benefits in these times of a need for much cleaner environments and further protection of touch-point products to the end user.

PB-Protect PVC Plastisol – Is an Antimicrobial PVC coating which offers an innovative solution to make surfaces hygienic through antimicrobial protection. Antimicrobial PVC coatings are an effective way of keeping high touch points germ-free by antimicrobial protection which can be used in many different industries and areas.

PolyBlend’s PB-Protect PVC Plastisol has been certified by an Independent Industrial microbiological test house and the scientifically proven antimicrobial technology will provide lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould, fungi of up to 99.99% efficacy.

The anti-microbial technology is incorporated into the PVC plastisol at the time of manufacture. Our innovative mixing method ensures that the PVC coating is protected for the intended lifetime of the end-product. This proven process gives assurance and confidence to our customers and their end user or consumers.

Permanent Product Protection

Protected Surface Technology

Anti-Viral Protection

Locked-in Process

Antimicrobial technology is incorporated into the PVC plastisol at the time of manufacture. Effective protection added to your product range.

Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial Protection

Independently certified. Proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%. Always providing active protection.

Durable Protection


Highly efficient, helps to keep surfaces clean and hygienic. Provides permanent protection for the life of the product.

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