Polyblend UK Ltd specialises in the manufacture of innovative technical products by harnessing the versatility of PVC polymers and Plasticisers.

We do this by blending additives with base polymers to enhance their properties and performance. Our highly experienced workforce has many years’ experience in polymer and additive technologies which enables us to bring together over 35 years of manufacturing excellence to a comprehensive range of products and materials.


Antimicrobial PVC Plastisol

Polyblend has launched an antimicrobial PVC plastisol which offers valuable protection for polymer solutions. 



PolyBlend formulates a broad range of PVC and Acrylic Plastisol’s that produce a flexible, tough, versatile and highly stable product that can be formulated to provide a wide variety of physical properties and attributes.

Colour Dispersions

Colour Dispersions

Our colourtone range of pigment dispersions are a versatile product that maintains its colour through the end users process and is used in a wide variety of markets.

Additive Dispersions

Additive Dispersion

To complement our supply, Polyblend offers a range of blowing agents and fire retardants that are based on a series of liquid systems.