To complement our supply, Polyblend offers a range of blowing agents and fire retardants that are based on a series of liquid systems (known as carriers) – Phthalate and Non-Phthalate plasticisers, Epoxidised Soya Bean oil as well as speciality liquid bases.


Fire Retardants

Our range of fire retardants (FR) dispersions are based on either Antimony Trioxide or ATH and Zinc Borate. These are blended with a plasticiser carrier to achieve paste dispersion a given viscosity specification related polymer applications.


Blowing Agent Dispersions

Chemical blowing Agents are a range of polymer additives designed to decompose during normal processing of that polymer at elevated temperatures (150ºc+).
Blowing agents are chemical materials, which decompose by heat and mechanical stress to produce blowing gases for dispersion which can be trapped within the polymer melt creating a cellular or foamed structure. By forming this structure, the initial benefit created is a reduction in specific gravity, i.e. weight

For Health & Safety reasons and dust free product handling, our range of blowing agent dispersions are blended using a series of liquid systems (known as carriers) – Phthalate and Non-Phthalate plasticisers, as well as speciality liquid bases. We blend the Azo powder with plasticiser to create the dispersed mixture using both C1 or C2 particle sizes as well as activated grades which include a Zinc coating. We also supply non-AZO Blowing Agents based on bicarbonate technologies.

The dispersed blowing agents can be added directly into a vinyl plastisol. All these benefits help to improve the working environment for the safe and effective use of these products. We can also design, formulate, and implement a bespoke additive solution to meet your needs.

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