Pigment Dispersions to bring your products colours to life

Colour Dispersions

Our colourtone range of pigment dispersions are a versatile product that maintains its colour through the end users process and is used in a wide variety of markets.

These colour dispersions are available in various carrying phthalate and non-phthalate plasticisers, silicone oils and epoxy soya bean oils. Utilising different types of mixers and milling equipment, our colour dispersions can be tailored for viscosity to produce colour dispersions from thick pastes to flowable liquid dispersions.


Colour Management

The pigment concentration profile, additive content and / or colour tolerance levels of each colour dispersion can be evaluated by our colour quality control process.

Supported by our expertise and vast experience in colour formulation, our colour dispersions can be produced with most organic and inorganic colour pigments. Any combination of pigment(s) and plasticisers or specified liquid bases can be developed for a solution to fit your requirements.

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