Our Contract Blending Service gives you an ideal opportunity to continue supporting your customers. We can assist you with the solution to maintain or bring your products to market.

If you are struggling with capacity issues or need to identify a solution to your production problem, then Polyblend is here to support. PolyBlend’s technical team will analyse your requirements, develop, and implement a bespoke solution within the blending capabilities of our operation to deliver maximum benefit to you.

Contract Blending

Whether you already have your own formulation and raw materials or want us to provide them, we are at your service. We can develop a blend from concept to complete product, helping you to reduce supplier numbers, minimise storage costs and reduce production overheads.

All contract formulating and blending is strictly confidential, Non-disclosure documents are signed from the beginning to give you the confidence and trust to move forward with us.

If needed, we can manage all the related processes, such as product development, logistics, and storage

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