Our highly experienced and skilled technical team will analyse your product specifics and criteria to enable us to design a formulation to meet your requirements.

We take a systems approach to designing and developing new formulations. Our approach utilises your design brief, and that data is then translated to form the technical requirements of the design of the formulation to meet the end product’s needs. A design project is initiated to ensure the product development is consistent with its phase gate methodology.

Our broad combination of experience in polymer technology, materials science, manufacturing and innovation capability helps us to achieve class leading solutions for your product design and specifications. Once the formulation is designed, the laboratory sample will be produced utilising our pilot manufacturing equipment throughout the development process. Because the product is designed for manufacture early on and then produced in a manner representative of final manufacture, the risk of late stage design changes is removed.

Once the laboratory sample meets the design and product specification then a sample will be presented for approval and /or followed by a phase of short run manufacture for field trials.

Let us provide a solution to your formulation design or custom blend requirements.

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