Technical Support

As a manufacturer and distributor of advanced technical products and materials it is vitally important that as a responsible organisation we offer high levels of Technical support and assistance. We have our own extensive technical facility on site and all our technicians are fully trained and experienced in PVC technology. From initial sampling to full scale production we will assist and support your project with our dedicated team of technicians. Many of our customers simply see our technical department as an extension of their own business and use it accordingly as they appreciate the added value that it brings to their organisation.

Technical Support

Polyblend differentiates itself by offering a full Technical Support facility to all customers.

We not only offer daily advice on material choice but also on how our material performs within your own process whether it be Dip Moulding, Spread Coating or any other process that lends itself to our material.

We also have invested heavily in state of the art QC and testing equipment which gives you the peace of mind that your material will be supplied to specification each and every time.

All material we use and supply are REACH compliant and our dedicated team enables Polyblend to continually explore ways of improving the performance, environmental compliance and cost effectiveness of our products and services.